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It will take one almighty bomb squad to save SA

Although I am hoping for a coalition government taking over the country next year, I do feel sorry for the leaders who will be stepping up to save the losing team called South Africa.

As I said before, politics is very much like rugby. Imagine you are a member of the Springbok team. You play against the All Blacks. But you are not in the starting XV, you are on the bench. In the first 10 minutes, you score a try and thanks to a silly penalty, the Boks lead 10-0.

The guys on the field can’t believe how easy this is. Yeah right. As the game progresses, the All Blacks start applying ruthless pressure.

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Scrum penalties, offsides and a dangerous tackle brings the scores level but, with a man down, the Boks very quickly find themselves down 10-16. Suddenly, it’s not so easy. In fact, it’s harder than hard work.

One knock-on and a dubious decision by the referee means the Boks go into the break trailing by 13 points. The second half starts, and the All Blacks extend their lead to 20 points. Everyone looks at the bench.

Can the famous Springbok bomb squad come to the rescue?

Well, that is exactly the position a coalition government will be finding itself in after the elections next year. The new government will not be taking over a country in the lead. In fact, they will be taking over a bankrupt, corruption-infested, failing country.

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With trillions looted from state coffers and trillions more in government debt, it will take one almighty bomb squad to save us.

State-owned enterprises have all but collapsed, the economy is failing and unemployment is escalating – it does look like an impossible task to score a victory.

But in politics, as in rugby, it is up to the supporters to make their voices heard. We, the people, have to ensure that when bomb squad take to the field, we have to give them our complete, unequivocal support.

But leading up to the elections, the bomb squad need to ensure they are super fit, resilient, and ready to turn the match around.

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from The Citizen https://www.citizen.co.za/news/opinion/it-will-take-one-almighty-bomb-squad-to-save-sa/

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