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A successful peaceful protest will do wonders for EFF’s image

Remove any personal distaste you may have for Julius Malema  and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), then consider the situation in which the country finds itself today and you might admit the organisation does occupy the moral high ground in calling for a national shutdown on Monday.

Theoretically, of course… South Africans are sick and tired of load shedding and they are sick and tired of a president who seems missing in action most of the time and deaf to the plight of his people because he seems more interested in dealing with ANC internal backstabbing.

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So we, as a people, do need to express how we feel about this.

However, sincerity is not Malema’s strong suit: he has shown that he is a consummate political flip-flopper and that he is prepared to whip up emotions in his followers to score political points and convince them he is the only one who can liberate them from racial and capitalist oppression.

That ignores the reality that he has plenty of wealth himself and consorts with some dodgy white people from time to time.

Malema and the EFF “high command” know there is huge political publicity value to be had in provoking violence or using intimidation to force people to do what the EFF wants.

Naturally, when it comes to the confrontations in the streets, it will be the EFF rank and file “fighters” who risk injury or arrest, not the leadership.

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That leadership showed itself to be singularly quick to fold in their silly attempt to occupy the stage at the State of the Nation Address.

Also, the government has given notice that it will not be taken by surprise again, as it was by the July 2021 insurrection, so security forces will be ready.

However, a successful peaceful protest will do wonders for the image of the EFF.

from The Citizen https://www.citizen.co.za/news/opinion/eff-peaceful-protest-march-2023/

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