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Woman accuses councillors of demanding sex for jobs

Tell your councillors to zip their trousers.

This was a stern warning by angry Tickyline women who asked Greater Tzaneen municipality mayor Gerson Molapisane to speak to his councillors or face revolt from the community.

Molapisane had gone to the sprawling villages of Tickyline, outside Lenyenye in the Mopani district to speak to the residents about service delivery issues.

The event, which hosted officials from social development, health, public works and Eskom, had kept the mayor on his toes for the better part of the day, with residents accusing government officials of snoring on the job.

Sex for jobs

The community also accused ANC councillors of demanding sex before employing women.

To the delight of the residents, one of them, Dina Mmatjokotja stood up and told Molapisane: “Honourable mayor, please speak to your councillors. Tell them to zip their trousers because this is not attractive at all.”

When the mayor and high-ranking officials were still baffled, Mmatjokotja said some officials were demanding sex in exchange for employment.

“They mostly target us, young mothers or those still fresh from high school or varsity. When you refuse, they will make sure that your CV is thrown into the dustbin,” she said.

“Some of them are here. They are sitting in the VIP tent, pretending to be holy, when they are actually sex pests.

“I refused to bow down to pressure. I refused to open my legs in exchange for a job at the municipality.”

She added: “Mayor, some of your councillors are rotten to the core and maybe its time you took action because in your municipality, you will never be employed as long as you don’t open your legs for your councillors.

“These councillors abuse their powers. They want to sleep with us before they give us jobs in construction, water and sanitation provision, at the waste filled site and in your municipality.”

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‘Sex object’

She alleged the councillors only see a woman as a sex object.

“They only think of sex when they see a woman. This is not a war. All we are saying is that please mayor, tell them to zip their trousers, or else all hell will break lose,” she said.

Other women at the imbizo pleaded with Molapisane to check the indigent list for the awarding of RDP houses. They told the mayor that RDP houses in Tzaneen were given to special people.

“We are also indigents, but still we don’t have houses. Houses in this municipality are given to pals, family members, relatives and lovers,” said one of the women, asking for her name to be withheld as she was still on the waiting list.

‘Fixing roads for funerals’

A community activist Mpho Genesis Ramalepe accused the municipality of only upgrading roads when there are funerals.

“This thing of regravelling our roads when there is a funeral is wrong. Should we kill people first before the municipality to clean our roads, this is not on,” said Ramalepe.

He also accused local councillors of awarding small tenders such as catering, sound provision, chairs and tent supply to their allies, leaving deserving young entrepreneurs in the lurch.

Molapisane said the importance of having leaders was to have the interest of the community at heart and to provide necessary services to them with precision and distinction.

He also said he was working together with the Mopani district municipality, the provincial departments and the office of the premier to make sure services promised to the community were delivered.

On councillors allegedly seeking sex in exchange for jobs, Molapisane said the allegations would be investigated.

“But we will not tolerate sex pests in my municipality. You will know that as a municipality that hates corruption with passion, we only appoint people based on merits and nothing else,” said Molapisane.

“We are at your service and we will act immediately once when corruption raises its ugly head.”

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from The Citizen https://www.citizen.co.za/news/woman-accuses-councillors-demanding-sex-for-jobs-january-2023/

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