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West Rand police officer detained after allegedly killing bouncer

The case of the West Rand police officer who allegedly killed a bouncer and injured another at a pub has been remanded to 6 February.

The bouncers reportedly tried to stop an altercation between the police officer and his ex-girlfriend when they were shot.

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) spokesperson Lizzy Suping said on Monday that the officer linked to the Saps Infrastructure Unit was being held at the Kagiso holding Cells. 


“Ipid is investigating the death of a bouncer at a pub in Kagiso by a police officer on January 27 at about 23:55.

“It is alleged that a sergeant from the West Rand Infrastructure Unit went to a local pub where he bumped into his ex-girlfriend and they had an altercation which led to him assaulting her. The Bouncers at the pub intervened. The police officer then continued to fight the bouncers.”


Suping said the policeman went outside and allegedly returned with a firearm and started shooting randomly at the direction of the bouncers.

“One bouncer was taken to hospital for medical attention where he died on arrival. One of the bouncers was also shot at and he sustained an injury on his left knee. After the shooting the officer fled the scene and was later found hiding in a shack three houses away from his residence.”

The post mortem was also conducted on Monday.

Four bouncers shot

In an unrelated incident last September, four bouncers were shot outside a nightclub at Greyville, in Durban, and rushed to hospital.

According to Shawn Herbst, spokesperson for emergency service, Netcare 911, the group of bouncers were having a meeting outside a nightclub just after 10pm, at the time.

Herbst said a vehicle with an unknown description came towards the group, stopped in front of them, and opened fire.

It was not clear whether it was high caliber rounds or not.

“Our team responded to the scene along with other private emergency service units. All four men were quickly transported to the hospital. Two were transported privately while others were taken to hospital by Netcare911. All four men were in a serious condition,” said Herbst following the shooting.

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from The Citizen https://www.citizen.co.za/news/west-rand-police-officer-detained-killing-bouncer-january-2023/

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