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Two years of stage 2 or 3 load shedding is workable

At Eskom’s media briefing yesterday it was revealed that the power utility is pushing to implement a permanent stage two or three of load shedding for the next two years.

Load shedding

We know load shedding is here to stay for at least the next two years so in principle it’s not the worst plan. It’s certainly better than what we have experienced this month, with up to three lengthy power
cuts a day as we were plunged into stage 6.

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If Eskom could limit it to this, it would enable businesses to put in place plans to combat load shedding. Out-of-the-box thinking where businesses could open or close later to accommodate load shedding could work. It’s not ideal, but if carefully managed – and scheduled ahead of time – business owners or households could plan better.

But that can only work if Eskom sticks to their plan and doesn’t chop and change at short notice – something outgoing chief executive officer André de Ruyter says can’t be ruled out.

Eskom chair Mpho Makwana said: “The reality is that it will take two years to reach the desirable Energy Availability Factor (70%) at Eskom’s coal fleet.”

Isn’t it time a plan is put in place to help the public deal with the daily challenges inconsistent power supply brings? This would be a start, but Eskom would also have to play their part.

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from The Citizen https://www.citizen.co.za/news/opinion/two-years-of-stage-2-or-3-is-workable-january-2023/

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