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Time to collectively deal with racism, or Maselspoort incident bound to be repeated

The festive season shouldn’t be the only thing that is called a silly season. South Africa should also be called a silly country.

Christmas Day turned out not to be so jolly when two black teenage boys were allegedly attacked by a group of white males at Maselspoort Resort in Bloemfontein.

A video showing the altercation is doing the rounds on social media in which the boys are allegedly removed from a “whites only” pool.

This disgusting act shouldn’t be sugar-coated as an unfortunate incident. This is blatant racism that should have the country up in arms in defence against what is threatening our democracy.

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The incident has sparked a reaction from the communities, government and political parties, such as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), as well as the ANC in the Free State.

President Cyril Ramaphosa rightly pointed out: “As black and white South Africans, we should be united in condemning all manifestations of racism and attempts to explain or defend such crimes. Racism is not a problem to be fought by black South Africans only.”

We can’t allow such acts of racism to continue any longer. For, if we are to conquer racism, we must be brutal and uncompromising about it.

Racism has no place in South Africa and racists must expect harsh consequences in terms of the law. But what is unfortunate is that, if the country is not advocating for harsh consequences for those who perpetrated the racial act, by next week it might be forgotten that it even took place.

Hence, we will continue to experience this racism that is prevalent in our communities, schools, universities, workplaces and other business areas.

We cannot deny that racism continues to be a system that is passed down through teachings from generation to generation – for there is no-one born hating another because of the colour of their skin.

Therefore, it is crucial we enforce the campaign against racism and violence in all spheres of society.

It is high time that government takes a bold stand and it was heartening that the police were investigating the incident.

For failure to nip racism in the bud, people like Belinda Magor, who defended pit bulls by advocating that blacks should be the ones shot and killed, hiding behind the unjust stereotype that only black people are behind all the raping and crime in South Africa, will continue to be racist.

Businesses such as Clicks will continue to discriminate in their adverts by violating human rights about black women’s hair.

Dis-Chem won’t be ashamed that it is discriminating against employment of whites in their company. The EFF should also stop making unnecessary racial remarks.

It doesn’t end there.

People like Theuns du Toit, who was a student at Stellenbosch University, will continue urinating on the belongings of black students, as happened to Babalo Ndwayana.

Diversity is part of our nation and we should all embrace it. For we cannot wait for another fight between black and white pupils to happen like at Jan Viljoen High School in Randfontein, where black pupils were made to feel like second-class pupils.

It is not fair that blacks should continue to fight for their self-determination 28 years into our democracy.

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And it still makes no sense that black people should continue to be treated as second-class citizens in this rainbow nation.

What took place in the Free State was a total disregard to the ideals and values of a democratic society.

Black and white people should be able to coexist with one another, for all are human.

Of course, it is not every white person who has these racial tendencies against blacks.

That’s why I am hopeful that the coming generations will be free from the scourge of racism if we collectively deal with this problem.

We truly must fight for a country – and a world – that is not only blind to colour but is also driven by the ideals of oneness, fairness and reconciliation.

from The Citizen https://www.citizen.co.za/news/opinion/deal-with-racism-or-maselspoort-to-be-repeated/

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