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How a coffee-pot chicken went viral

In the photo posted on Twitter, we can make out the coffee pot in which chicken filets with seasoning sprinkled on top were placed . According to the author’s post, the poultry has been prepared with garlic and butter. The “recipe” comes from an American businessman, who thought it would be a good idea to present his idea for his hotel room cooking hack on various social networks.

On Twitter, this cooking “technique” received more than 82,000 likes and more than 5,000 shares. This “coffee-pot chicken” first made an appearance on LinkedIn before being relayed on Reddit, where the hack received over 6,300 votes. The amateur cook cooked the chicken this way while on a business trip, in order to save money.

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Alexander Cohen, who’s at the origin of the surprising post, probably didn’t expect such a flood of comments on his social media accounts. Many Twitter users made fun of him, suggesting, for example, that they had cooked a fried egg on a laptop or prepared meat on a hot iron, with photos to illustrate. One user suggested, for example, that Cohen could get salmonella food poisoning by preparing food this way. Others were outraged and lectured him about damaging the hotel’s equipment. Finally the author had no choice but to calm things down by revealing that it was simply a joke.

The Texan finally revealed to American media Today that it was a joke, designed to lighten things up on LinkedIn, which is dominated by serious posts as a digital community for the professional world. “I love posting satirical stories to LinkedIn,” he said.

The story serves to remind us that we shouldn’t take everything published on social networks at face value. That said, some unique and offbeat cooking techniques involving appliances designed for other purposes have been used in reality, such as using a dishwasher to obtain the results of low-temperature cooking. Those who have tried it place the food, such as salmon or white fish, in an airtight glass jar and then choose a wash cycle between 60° and 100°C. No joke!

from The Citizen https://www.citizen.co.za/lifestyle/food-and-drink/how-coffee-pot-chicken-went-viral/

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